Enchantress by Tiara McClure

"My heart was pounding when my lips gently parted. Never having been with a man, I wondered if this were the beginning of the forbidden act my mother had always told me to never commit until I was bonded. The dance of lovers that brought new fae into the world." (loc. 319)



Tiara McClure is a new voice in young adult fantasy. This novella is a prequel to her upcoming Realms of the Fae series. This title was featured on Book Cave's YA Fantasy list. I received a free copy of this book by signing up for the author's newsletter. Below is my honest review. 

First, I have to gush over this gorgeous cover!! 

The synopsis describes Marion as second-best to her brother Versius, however, the book does not provide this information. The story begins with Marion learning that she will attend the Flowers Ball at the Midsummer Palace. Here, the story melds Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and The Bachelor. This lake-dwelling changeling is about to trade her fins for legs and attend a ball, despite being a lowly fisherman's daughter, in the hopes of being offered a flower, which will secure her chance at becoming a princess and future queen. Of the four courtiers to receive flowers, one will be selected after seven days and given a rose, securing her place as Prince Arion's betrothed. There's a catch: Marion's father and brother are involved in the rebellion's plot to murder the king, and they've sent her to the ball to ensure the plot is successful. 

The story was well-written, but the numerous grammar and punctuation errors (particularly the excessive comma splices) were distracting. The ending was also very abrupt. With some proof-editing and a more developed conclusion, this novella could be a fantastic teaser for the author's upcoming series. 


We are told that Marion has hidden her fins with glamour. At the end, this is never addressed. Does she just keep up the pretense of having human legs, despite how exhausting it is to keep up this appearance? Does the prince find out her true form? These questions are nagging at me. 


Audience: young adult
Recommended for fans of: Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, The Bachelor, fairy-tales, fantasy, young adult, paranormal
Trigger warnings: mild sexual content


Marion Lyons has always played second best to her older brother. Born a changeling, she has been passed over for everything she’s ever wanted to do in her life, while he has always been the chosen one. 
Chosen to lead the fae rebellion. And of course chosen to be their parents’ favorite child. However, all of that is about to change. 

The fairy prince is throwing a ball to find his future mate. And if Marion can win his heart, she will be the future queen. Now all she has to do, is follow her father’s simple plan. 

Win the fairy prince’s heart, and kill him and his family when the time to act comes. It all sounds easy enough, until she meets the handsome prince who will make her question everything. Including if she will be the enchantress or the enchanted.


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©Tiara McClure: 2019
Edition: ebook

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